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Summit® X670 series switches are high density, low latency 10 Gigabit Ethernet stackable switches with optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks

The Summit X670 series switches are purpose-built top-of-rack switches designed to support emerging 10 Gigabit Ethernet-enabled servers in enterprise and cloud data centers. Summit X670 helps optimize new server deployments with its optional, future-proofing 40 GbE uplink for 10 GbE-based high-performance servers to start the transition to the new virtualized environment.

The Summit X670 series is available in two models: Summit X670V and Summit X670. Summit X670V provides high density for 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching in a small 1RU form factor. The switch supports up to 64 ports in one system and 448 ports in a stacked system using high-speed SummitStack-V320, which provides 160 Gbps and 320 Gbps throughput and distributed forwarding. The Summit X670 model provides up to 48 ports in one system and up to 352 ports in a stacked system using SummitStack-V longer distance (up to 40 km with 10GBASE-ER SFP+) stacking technology.

The Summit X670 series provides high density Layer 2/3 switching with low latency cut-through switching, and IPv4 and IPv6 unicast and multicast routing to enable enterprise aggregation and core backbone deployment in AC-powered and DC-powered environments.

Summit X670 series include the ExtremeXOS modular operating system. The high availability ExtremeXOS operating system provides simplicity and ease of operation through the use of one OS everywhere in the network.

  • Top-of-rack switch for servers in enterprise and cloud data centers
  • High-performance 10 GbE core switch for a small network
  • High-performance 10 GbE aggregation switch in a traditional three-tiered network
  • Interconnect switch providing low latency connections for High Performance Cluster Computing (HPCC)
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Cisco 100 Series Unmanaged SwitchesNew Updates
Reliable network performance at an affordable price. Setup is easy with no software to install and nothing to configure.

Cisco 200 Series Smart Switches
Entry-level managed switch features and easy management at a great price. Build a business-class network with the features you need.

Cisco 300 Series Managed Switches
The ideal combination of affordability and advanced network features for small business, these easy to use fully managed switches are the cornerstone of your network.

Cisco 500 Series Stackable Managed SwitchesNew
Advanced features, high reliability, and performance at a price you can afford. These stackable managed switches, built for demanding environments, deliver a powerful networking foundation for today and tomorrow.

Cisco Small Business Stackable Managed Switches
Increase network availability and reduce management complexity with high performance, managed switches that grow with your business. If your business was a building, its network would be the foundation. And Cisco Small Business Stackable Managed Switches would be at the core, offering the perfect mix of configurability, speed, and stability to keep your network running smoothly.

Cisco Catalyst 2960, 2960-C and 2960-S Series Switches
These switches support voice, video, data, and highly secure access, delivering scalable network management as your business needs change. All-in-one Communications: Data, wireless, and voice support so when you are ready to deploy these you have one network that supports all your business needs.

Business Class Products & Services
Internet Service Ethernet Service Phone Service Phone Service
Your secure communication needs are in trusted hands with Time Warner's reliable, customizable digital phone service. Flexible plans are tailored to fit your unique business. Fast, dependable broadband solutions let you access, download, and transfer data with confidence. Customize your plan with security upgrades, web hosting, and email options. Choose from dedicated local private network plans designed to meet your unique needs. Modify your plan with security services to match your requirements. Select real-time access to news and entertainment programming for your business environment. Tailor an entertainment package that bundles premium cable television and digital music. Choose the communication services you need to excel, without spending more than you want. With our flexible packaging options, you will find reliable service and valuable tools built right into your customized package.
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LAN-COMM Technologies is now offering a wider range of technology and products from Panasonic. These products include but is not limited to the products shown below.
& Tablets
& Imaging
Projectors & Whiteboards Video

Through its broad range of integrated business technology solutions, Panasonic empowers professionals to do their best work. Customers in government, healthcare, production, education and a wide variety of commercial enterprises, large and small, depend on integrated solutions from Panasonic to reach their full potential, achieve competitive advantage and improve outcomes.

The complete suite of Panasonic solutions range from mobile computing to security and surveillance systems to visual display solutions and more.

See all specific products below
Toughbook 52 Toughbook 53 Toughbook F9 Toughbook S10 Toughbook C1
Toughpad A1        

BB-HCM527A BB-HCM547A WV-ST162 WV-ST165 WV-SW172
WV-SW175 WV-SW174W WV-SF132 WV-SF135 WV-SC384
WV-CF284 WV-CF294 WV-CF324 WV-CF504 WV-CL930
WV-CL934 WV-CP290 WV-CP294 WV-CP500 WV-CP504
WV-CS574 WV-CS954 WV-CW384 WV-CW504F WV-CW504S

ptlw25 ptlx26 ptlx30 ptvw330 ptvx400
ptlb2 ptlb3 ptlb90 ptlb90u  
[ptst10 pttw230 pttw23    
PT-ST10U PT-TW230U PT-TW231RU    

UB-8325 UB-8325EW UB-T780BP UB-T780BPEM UB-T780BPEW
UB-T880 UB-T880W UB-T880ET UB-T880WET  
UB-5315 UB-5815 UB-7325 UB-2315C UB-5838C

UF-4500 UF-5500 UF-8200 UF-7200 UF-6200
UF-4000 DX-800      
KV-S1025CS KV-S1045C KV-S1025C KV-S2028C KV-S1065C
KV-S2048C KV-S5055C KV-S4065CL KV-S4065CW KV-S3065CL
KV-S3065CW KV-S7075C KV-S4085CW KV-S3105C  

TH-55LRU50 TH-42LRU50 TH-37LRU50 TH-32LRU50 TH-42LRU5
TH-37LRU5 TH-32LRU5 TH-42LRH50U TH-32LRH30U TH-47LF25U
TH-42LF25U TH-47LF30U TH-42LF30U TH-47LFP30W TH-42LFP30W
TH-65PF30U TH-60PF30U TH-50PF30U TH-42PF30U TH-50PH30U
TH-42PH30U TH-50BT300U TH-42BT300U    

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